About Robin Selise

Just Robin

Robin was born and raised in the depths of a faraway land to the Queen Mother and the King of all things.  

*Scooby Doo confused noise interruption*  

Ok! Ok! Ok! I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and have lived here my entire life, with the exception of the few years I went away to college in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. I currently reside in a suburb of the city called Varina with my daughter when she’s home from college and a tall, dark, handsome, superhero type dude (think T’Challa/Black Panther) that loves me and all my flaws.  JOKES.  *Sighs*  I’m single as a Pringle. Whatever, I love, love.   *Swoon* *Clasped hands under chin, foot lifted off of the ground in the classic starry eyed Disney Princess sort of manner*  Soooooooo, basically I believe that I’ll awaken one day, open the door and this big strapping dude will be there looking like all of the things that I write about, coming to sweep me off of my feet, before picking my chubby ass up and carrying me off into the sunset.  Listen, should this ever happen, y’all can kiss these damn stories goodbye.  I’m out.  Super gonna ride off into the sunset (sidesaddle too, because I’m classy AF) with this wealthy bastard that doesn’t mind that I can’t cook a lick and wouldn’t know where to begin with any sort of old school home remedy. Whatever, don’t judge me. I was born in the eighties (81) and my mother—though very capable of doing all of the aforementioned—spent time making me a strong independent black woman…that couldn’t cook and didn’t care.  #thanksmom #iknowmyworthanyway #myhandswerenotmadeforcooking #cookdeeznuts